8" hard sectored disks

From: Doug Coward <dcoward_at_pressstart.com>
Date: Thu Jul 2 16:32:19 1998

 I recently found a large number of hard sectored 8" disks and
I was hoping some one might knows what computers would use
these disks.

 * Dysan 3740/2D, Double sided, Double density, format:
   128 bytes/26 sectors, index 1 & 2. (I don't know if these are hard
    sectored. There is just one index hole in the disk but two index
    holes in the jacket)

 * Memorex 3201-3015, Compatibility: Shugart, Write protect,
    Single sided, Single density, Sectoring: 32 hard
    (Just regular 32 sector hard sectored disks)

 * Memorex 3071-2003, Single sided, Single density, Sectoring: hard
 * Verbatim FD 65-9000-HR, Single side, Single density, Vydec/
     Memorex compatible.
   (These have 33 index holes in the disk, but they are
    arranged around the out side edge of the disk. Also there is
    a 1 1/2" x 1/2" notch cut out one of the corners of the jacket.)

  I could not find a web page for Dysan, I searched Memorex's and
Verbatim's pages and I emailed Memorex and got no reply.


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