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From: Tom Owad <tomowad_at_earthlink.net>
Date: Thu Jul 2 19:46:05 1998

> Once upon a time in the early 80's a man named
>Bill von Meister started a company called Control
>Video Corporation. (Bill von Meister had been one
>of the founders of The Source which was bought by
>Readers Digest)

What ever happened to The Source? When did they shut down and why?

> CVC started a service for Atari
>2600 users called GameLine. Users would plug a
>large modem cartridge into their 2600 and could
>download a game and play it until they turned
>their 2600 off. This service was kill by the Video
>game crash of '83.

Video game crash of '83? Would you please explain?


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