Any good search spots in L.A.?

From: dave dameron <>
Date: Fri Jul 3 00:54:50 1998

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>Howdy, all,
>I'm in sunny Glendale for the weekend, staying with a friend, and would love
>to take the opportunity to scour the area for goodies. Any suggestions? I'd
>rather take a planned approach than wander around the valley, looking for
>Goodwills. I realize that the Bay Areais better pickings than Los Angeles,
>but here is where I am.
There is C and H on Cororado Blvd. in Pasadena, but don't know if they have
anything. There is also ECSC in Gardena, if you want to go that far. Their
web site is
The best bets seem to be the Ham radio swap meets, (not the commercial
computer shows). The only one I know of on July 4 is in Santee, near San
Diego. I enjoy the TRW meet the last Saturday of every month. I don't know
if there are any gemeral or antique swap meets this weekend. Once per month
there is one in the Rose Bowl.
Wish I knew other places.

I plan to visit the San Jose area in a few weeks, are there any suggestions
for looking there? I know of Haltek in Mountain View and Halted + Weird
Stuff in Santa Clara.
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