Making Profits (Was Re: LISA (fwd))

From: Kevan Heydon <>
Date: Fri Jul 3 04:18:14 1998

On Fri, 3 Jul 1998, Tony Duell wrote:

> No. I've never sold a computer at a profit. Sometimes I've had to buy more
> than one of a machine to get one at all (i.e. the seller has a pile he
> wants to get rid of), but then I either keep them as spares or pass them
> on to other UK collectors _for the price I payed_.

I am with Tony on this one. I only ever pass things on to other
collectors for the same price that I payed for them. I fact last year I
saved some DEC Bridges from a skip and after deciding that I wouldn't have
a use for them I passed them onto Tony as I knew they would be going to a
good home.

Saying this my collection could start making a profit soon because I have
one of my old machines out on loan to a company that is paying me. I
didn't ask for the money, they offered. Basically in March I had am email
asking about the condition of my Sage IV computer. It transpired that the
company in question uses one to control a key machine tool and their Sage
had failed, and production had stopped! They were very keen to borrow my
unit to get production going again and to port the software to a PC. This
process is taking longer than expected and they now feel that they should
be paying me for the loan of the machine. It is very difficult for me to
refuse as it will provide much needed cash for buying other computers.

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