Making Profits (Was Re: LISA (fwd))

From: Huw Davies <>
Date: Fri Jul 3 21:19:42 1998

At 02:18 AM 03-07-98 -0700, Kevan Heydon wrote:

>Saying this my collection could start making a profit soon because I have
>one of my old machines out on loan to a company that is paying me. I
>didn't ask for the money, they offered.

I've loaned out bits of my PDP-8A via a friend to an organization that
still uses them to drive some machinery (I've never asked, and no one has
ever offered to tell me what they're used for - I just know that it's
something in a government department. Perhaps it's being used for code
breaking :-)

I've never asked for money, but surprisingly, the bits always return in a
box with a nice bottle (port or whisky). I feel happy to have helped and
it's just a nice gesture to attach something on it's return.

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