Intellec Series II Microcomputer Development System

From: Sam Ismail <>
Date: Sat Jul 4 18:08:44 1998

Well, I finally got to check out the Intel Development System (ISIS?) I
got from Las Vegas. On first glance it looks like it had been exposed to
the elements. All of the documentation was warped, had water stains, and
most of the reference cards were stuck together. I was able to separate
most of them without totally damaging the covers, so most of the
information on them is still in tact, but some are just plum stuck. What
was the method for separating water damaged pages again? Run it through a
steamer at a certain humidity or something?

Anyway, the main computer unit itself looks OK on the outside, but I
couldn't pull any of the multi-bus cards out. They seemed extremely
stuck. Its official model number is MDX 225A. The main unit incorporates
the CRT, an 8-inch drive mouted vertically next to the CRT, and a 6-slot
card cage mounted horizontally underneath the CRT. It has an external

I also got an MDX 761A1 hard drive sub-system which looks like it will
need extensive restoration as it shows most evidence of exposure to
moisture. I don't know if it will ever work again or if I'll ever get any
data off the 8-inch hard drive but I'll eventually find out. Also
included was a Universal Programmer (model IUP 201) with modules for just
about every Intel microcontroller and EPROM and whatnot of the day. It
was in fine shape. I also received a large grocery bag filled with 8-inch
floppies with the system software circa 1981-82.

Overall a nice system but it will require some moderate restoration.

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