Video Game Crash of 1983

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Date: Fri Jul 3 09:17:03 1998

> From: Tom Owad <>
> Subject: Re: old AOL disks
> .... (Bill von Meister had been one
> >of the founders of The Source which was bought by
> >Readers Digest)
> What ever happened to The Source? When did they shut down and why?

I think they were bought out by Compuserve (or possibly America On-Line). And
they were shut down in favor of their new owner's already existing services.
> Video game crash of '83? Would you please explain?

In the early 80s there was a home video game boom started by the home game
PONG and all it's clones then Atari produced one of the first popular
cartridge programmable games, the 2600. Not soon after that there were
probably a dozen competitors including Matell (Intellivisaion), Magnavox
(Oddesy), Balley (Astrocade), etc. By about 1983 there was a major glut of
game machines and cartridges, too many to support the market...

Then the bottom fell out around 1983 with the avent of cheaper home computers
with just as good (if not better) game playing ability, which started
capturing the attenetion of the masses and the gamers stopped buying video
games in favor of computers, many of the game companies were hit REALLY hard
and some folded. Of course this was the start of the home computer wars. :)
Some were able to 're-tool' for home computer games and did quite well.

I still miss the old Electronic Games Magazine that folded in around 1984 or
so... One of the few magazines that did good reviews on the home and arcade
game machines.
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