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From: Sam Ismail <dastar_at_ncal.verio.com>
Date: Sun Jul 5 13:12:07 1998

Here's a web page for the first computer built in Australia:


I also got this e-mail message from John Geremin of the Australian
Computer Museum Society that might be of interest to you:

        Update ! We have been offered a machine from a Power Station that
        was in operation for 33 years ! (Slow depreciation !!)

        It was designed by 'BAILEY Controls' around 1960 - uses germanium
        transistors (maybe they ran out of spares!) and does NOT use CORE.

        It weighs about 10 tonne and I am currently trying to organise
        shipping it from Adelaide to Sydney (about 1000 miles).

Regards, John G. (aka 'megaJOHN') ..
 John Geremin, PDP-11 Support Consultant, MEGATRONICS, 018-406 365.
 John Geremin, Treasurer, Australian COMPUTER MUSEUM Society Inc.
        ( ACMS web page at http://www.terrigal.net.au/~acms/ )
  IN%"geremin_at_decus.org.au" or fax: 61-2- 9764 4679 (24 hours)

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