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Date: Sun Jul 5 19:46:57 1998

<From: "Max Eskin" <>
<To: "Discussion re-collecting of classic computers" <classiccmp_at_u.washing
<Subject: DECmate III

<Well, today I got around to testing MS-DOS disk images from the PDP-8
<archive on the DECMAte III. It read the disk, said "Starting MS-DOS...",
<but then said, "XPU Board Error". It then entered a configuration menu
<for the DECMate (cursor, baud, etc.). What is an XPU board?

You must have the XPU (8088) board installed, or it's dead. For
DECmateIII those are scarce.

More common is the APU (z80) board that runs CP/M-80.

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