Dead PSU

From: Russ Blakeman <>
Date: Sun Jul 5 20:29:56 1998

If you do decide to undo the components, either get a "solder sucker" that
vacuums the solder off the heated joint or a desoldering iron, a soldering
iron that has a hollow tip and a suction bulb that draws off the solder once
it's hot. Desoldering wick is a pain right in the.....

Radio Shack has the desoldering irons, maybe even the solder sucker. I know
they have wick, I pass by it everytime I'm in a RS store. Make sure of the
caps you're undoing first though, some hold a good charge and can brighten
your day whether you want them to or not. Discharge the bigger ones before
messing with them, if you even decide to work on it.

Max Eskin wrote:

> I'm a novice at soldering - I've made at most 10 connections in my life.
> And, there is the looking for replacements, possibly buying them.
> >Desoldering 20 capacitors and replacing them will take < 1 hour!
> >
> >There are other faults which cause the PSU to trip, but most of them
> >cause it to fail on light load as well.
> >
> >-tony
> >
> >
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