Hey, English blokes...what's an Apricot?

From: Hans Franke <franke_at_sbs.de>
Date: Mon Jul 6 12:07:40 1998

>> Ok, so I picked up an Apricot today for one whole dollar. I can't make
>> out any model number anywhere on the unit. All I got was the main unit.
>> It has a male DB-9 video connector and a female DB-9 keyboard connector.
>> It also has a DB-25 serial and an Amphenol parallel connector. It has a
>> handle that you can pull out of the case from the front, so I guess it's
>> somewhat portable. It has two 3.5" drives in the front. It simply says
>> "Apricot" between them. No keyboard or display so I can't boot it
>> unfortunately.

> IIRC the 'Apricot' is a domestic (USA) Apple clone/look alike/work
> alike.
> If you don't find any better info, hollar, and I'll go through some of
> my Byte/Kilobaud/InformationAge etc.

I think it sounds a lot more like this fine early MS-DOS / CP/M-86
Computers from Apricot. Non-IBM-HW-compatible systems with a very
nice and smooth design (compared to them, still (almost) any new
computer looks like 1950's techniks). 3.5" FD way before IBM, and
cute keyboards, mice, and even track balls.


Ich denke, also bin ich, also gut
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