Apple & Commodore questions

From: The Adept <adept_at_Mcs.Net>
Date: Mon Jul 6 11:49:35 1998

The C64C utilized a reduced chip design, replaced the MOS6510 with
an MOS8510 and SID was changed but not for the better (could only do
3 voices instead of 4, don't remember if it was the white noise
channel that was dropped) and the VIC-II also received a new
chip revision.


On Mon, 6 Jul 1998, John Higginbotham wrote:

> At 08:34 AM 7/6/98 -0700, you wrote:
> >He probably is just referring to the amount of memory it has and is
> >clueless enough about the machine that he would call it that. I'm
> >positive its just a plain old C64.
> I know this was brought up before, but I never heard a clear answer:
> What's the difference between a C64 and a C64c, apart from the C128-ish
> case design on the C64c?
> I heard rumors that it had better sound chips or something, and all the
> Commodore dealers (not many left) that I have seen advertise the C64c for
> about 20% more than the standard C64.
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