Dead PSU

From: Shawn Rutledge <>
Date: Mon Jul 6 17:55:42 1998

> > > Oh, bit about the fan jump a bit with power removed. I'm 100%
> > > certain something is shorted in the secondary outputs and by the way
> >
> > The symptoms as I understand them are that the fun runs if the PSU has no
> > (or very light load), but the PSU trips if the load is increased.
> But Max later said when he pulled the power he noticed about a second
> later the fan jumped. I have seen that before too.

I wasn't watching this thread, so pardon me if this is irrelevant...
but a coworker was building a new system, and thought the PSU
was bad. The fan would jump a little but not power on all the way, nor
did anything else (LED's, hard drive, etc.) Turned out it was just
that the PII wasn't seated in its socket all the way. So it seems ATX
boards will not power up without a processor. The motherboard is in control
of the powerup sequence.

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