Amiga 2000

From: Zane H. Healy <>
Date: Mon Jul 6 21:24:04 1998

>I just pulled an Amiga 2000 (I don't think it's >10 yet) from the trash.

Depends on the particular unit. The A2000 has been around for over 10
years now.

>It didn't come with anything else, just the system unit. I looked it up,
>and I pretty much came up with the specifications. COuld someone tell me
>a little more about it? What kind of video can I use with this? All it
>has is a composite RF jack.

The RF jack only outputs monochrome. You need a A520 modulator to plug
into the 23 pin port which lets you connect to a TV, or an Amiga monitor to
connect to the 23pin port.

It's possible to attach a standard VGA or multisync monitor, but it
requires special hardware which is rather expensive.

>Also, are the keyboard and mouse PC-compatible?

Alas, no. The keyboard will run you about $60, and the mouse about $15.
Your best bet is to try and find someone local to you that has abandoned
the Amiga to join the mindless masses. I recently got a rather nice setup
that way very cheap.

You didn't mention what kind of processor you've got in the system or what
kind of boards it has. The stock is 68000, but it might have a 68020 or
68030 on an accelerator board. Do you have a Hard Drive controller?

The ultimate A2000 would have a dual 68060/PPC acclerator, UW SCSI Hard
Drive, about 128Mb RAM, Ethernet, either a Video Toaster or a Picasso IV
graphics card and be running Amiga OS 3.1, of course you don't want to know
the price of all of that.

One of my main systems is a fairly beefy A3000 that I just got done putting
in a Tower case this weekend (metal working skills required). The Amiga OS
beats anything MS has ever put out, and beats MacOS on certain points.

I think the best way to sum up Amiga's is that they are just plain fun! It
would be well worth your time to either fix up that one, or find a working

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