From: Don Maslin <>
Date: Tue Jul 7 00:53:56 1998

 Over the weekend, in anticipation of getting a TK50Z-FA, I picked up
 several "CompacTape" cartridges. They are all still sealed, and dated
 late 1991. The label on each cartridge carries a logo for PowerMon II
 which is 'Automatic UPS Monitoring and Shutdown Software'. However,
 the printed text on the labels is rather more provocative. They say
 things like:
              Ver. 2.2
              S/N: 9615894
              VAX VMS
              Ver. 3.0
              S/N: 9421376
              DEC ULTRIX
              S/N: ULT 294
 Any idea what I have here - other than potential scratch tapes? It
 seems most likely that the PowerMon software is on each, but the
 disparity of serial numbers would seem to me to make it unlikely that
 the monitor program is all that is there. S'pose they are bootable?
 Comments and speculation appreciated.
                                              - don
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