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From: Uncle Roger <>
Date: Tue Jul 7 10:43:22 1998

Some of you (locals) may know I publish a weekly listing of free stuff
happening in the City (plug, plug... see
<>)... One of the upcoming events (at
Stacey's Bookstore in downtown San Francisco) is this:

Kara Swisher - Friday, July 17 _at_ 12:30

"AOL.COM: How Steve Case Beat Bill Gates,
Nailed The Netheads, And Made Millions In The War For The Web"

As a reporter for The Washington Post, Kara Swisher had the opportunity to
go inside one of the most watched companies in the world, America Online.
In her new book, AOL.COM, she captures the secrets of how AOL became the
world's biggest online company. Revealing all the major moments in AOL's
frenzied history; from its origins in the dreams of the eccentric
entrepreneur, Bill Von Meister, to its triumph under the vision of the
young marketing executive, Steve Case. For anyone interested in the
Internet, technology, or modern business, AOL.COM is a must-read.

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