Amiga 2000

From: J. Buck Caldwell <>
Date: Tue Jul 7 13:05:35 1998

John -
 I am new to the classic computers list, so I may be out of place. However - if you have a problem
with a specific person, is it nescessary to post your reply in the list? Also, the 10 year rule - is
it that strict, or just a guideline? I have two MicroVAX 3600, which debuted in 1987, but these
weren't produced until 1989. Can I still talk about them here?

Before you consider censorship, consider this: Is it possible that other people check list list for
information about Amigas of any vintage? If so, will the information about the 2000 be of no use
whatsoever to them?

I don't mean to insult. Please send your reply, if any, to me directly.

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