PDP-11 info needed.

From: Christian Fandt <cfandt_at_servtech.com>
Date: Tue Jul 7 15:29:25 1998

Last night I poked a little around the RA60 and the 11/34A that I want to
keep. I saw a cable ass'y attached to the RA60 which had two black cables
(about 7/8"wide x 3/8" thick) and relatively small plastic 8-pin connector
recepticles within a comparatively hefty backshell. Inside the 11/34A
cabinet there were a group of four of the same small mating connectors
which had four flat, red cables running from that group into a Unibus board
in the the BA11 (forgot module number). A 12-foot long cable with two 8-pin
plastic connectors each within a large backshell was laying inside the
11/34A box. I extrapulate from a couple of other private msgs that this is
probably the UDA50 interface. True?

Please tell me about this disk I/F. Any FAQ on it somewhere?

Also, I would like to find the same tech info or descriptions on the MSCP
interface which I understand the RL01s and RL02s have.

Can anyone give me any info on the TS03 tape unit? It is the only one I can
keep so I plan to lash it up to the 11/34A or maybe the 11/730 if I indeed
keep that (or both by swapping cables?)

Looks like a J-11 chip on the CPU board in an 11/23 chassis that was buried
in the pile (darn little thing was so small compared to the 5000+ pounds of
other boxen that I forgot to mention it in my first msg.) That's basically
an 11/73 isn't it?

More questions to come.....

Thanks so far, Chris
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