Amiga 2000

From: Max Eskin <>
Date: Tue Jul 7 18:31:43 1998

That's correct. Now, the interesting thing is that according to pinout
charts, the keyboard cables are the same (clock, data, not used, ground,
+5). However, the keyboards are not compatible. Does anyone know what
the difference is?
>I don't know much about Amigas, but I beleive the mouse is a
>quadrature-output mouse - what the PC crowd call a Bus mouse (and not a
>serial mouse or PS/2 mouse). These mice are pretty generic apart from
>connector wiring. If you're prepared to change the connector (and trace
>out the connections) then you can move these mice between systems.
>In the UK you can get replacement quadrature mice from Maplin - either
>button for the Amiga or 3 button for the Atari ST. I've modified these
>work on a Mac+, an old Amstrad that used a bus mouse, a Whitechapel
>an Acorn Archimedes, etc. They're not cheap (about 3 times the price of
>PC serial mouse :-(), but they are available.

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