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From: Larry Anderson <>
Date: Tue Jul 7 22:33:11 1998

Sam Ismail wrote:

>Could someone please describe the features of a PET 2001 for me? Thanks.
Depends on the PET 2001, the earlier ones had a smallish calculator type
keyboard with an integeral datasette unit. Newer models had a full sized
keyboard and no built-in datasette.

All of the 2001 series had 9"display, earlier ones displaying whitish-blue the
rest gool 'ol green phosphor.

The original BASIC (Powers up with *** COMMODORE BASIC ***) has neumerous bugs
and lacked disk support the upgrade BASIC (### COMMODORE BASIC ###) had many
bug fixes and is very close to 64 BASIC in operation and syntax.

There are two motherboards associated with the 2001 the 8k static ram
motherboard (only in original PETs) which was limited to 8k ram and used MOS
RAMs (Which they soon stopped producing, they just weren't good at memory
chips) and the later Dynamic RAM boards which were expandible to 32k.

If you need more info there are a couple links:

The PET FAQ geared for the recent or general owner of a Classic PET:


The PET Index for the Technical sort of person who wants to know what makes em tick!
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