Apple and Commodore Computers

From: Larry Anderson <>
Date: Tue Jul 7 22:54:22 1998

> I'd like to do some assembly language programming on my Apple //+. What
> program was generally used to do AL programming? Did you typically use the
> built-in Monitor, or was there an "Apple Assembler" program?
As for assemblers for the 64 if you want to do on-the-fly assembly Supermon is
cool, there is a version of it in just about all the popular super utility
cartridges (i.e. Super Snapshot, Final Cartridge, etc.)

As far as more quality (disk based) assemblers I would go with Lew Lasher's
Editor Assembler (circa 1985, hard to find, freeware, and nice) or Merlin
(especially Merlin 128 for the Commodore 128). Both are good ones to learn
with. There are other like Buddy, PAL, Bettwe Working, etc. but those use the
BASIC interpreter to code (line numbers and all.)

> Second, has anyone heard of a Commodore C64k?? I found a news post where
> a guy had two of these available, but I don't recognize the "k" suffix.

I think the person added it himself.

There are four flavors of the Commodore 64.

Commodore 64 - The original unit, roundy brownish-grey case dk. brown
keyboard, a good machine.

Commodore 64c - The updated (low-profile lt.cream case, white keys) cost
reduced model unlike other reponses no voices were removed. The story is
Commodore did a 'bug fix' on the sound chip that affected games that utilized
a perceived flaw on the sound chip that made digitized sound playback easy, on
the 64c you can barely hear the digitized segments.

Commodore SX-64 - the Commodore 64 in a luggable all-in-one unit included 64,
5" color display, built-in 1541 disk drive and audio speaker. Pretty cool,
used original C64 chips though Commodore altered the ROMs to better support
the built in drive at the sacrifice of cassette support (and compatibility
with some programs and hardware that required it.)

Commodore-128 - One of the facets of the Commodore 128 is the C64 mode, the
chips reflect the older 64 and is 99.94% perfect in emulation except for one
memory location which can bump the computer into 2mgz mode thereby messing up
the display provided by the 1mghz 40 column display chip. :/ Some earlier
games inadvertanly activate this mode.

If I wanted to do only 64 stuff the original grey 64 is the one to get.
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