PDP-11 info needed.

From: Christian Fandt <cfandt_at_servtech.com>
Date: Wed Jul 8 15:19:00 1998

At 18:19 07-07-98 -0400, mbg_at_world.std.com (Megan) wrote:
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>>Looks like a J-11 chip on the CPU board in an 11/23 chassis that was
>>buried in the pile (darn little thing was so small compared to the 5000+
>>pounds of other boxen that I forgot to mention it in my first msg.)
>>That's basically an 11/73 isn't it?
>You don't mean an '11/23' chassis... it may be a BA23, or a BA123 (or
>a BA-11). If you have a J-11 chip on a board, we'll need to know
>more about the board. Is it dual high? (KDJ11-A -- 11/73A). Is it
>quad high? (KDJ11-B -- 11/73B or 11/83, KDJ11-D -- 11/53, or KDJ11-E --
>11/93). Is there memory on the board? (KDJ11-D or KDJ11-E) Is there
>a space for a 40-pin chip? (FP chip, KDJ11-A and KDJ11-B) etc.
>Then again, you could tell us the M-number and we could tell you what
>it is... :-)

I took a look at that board last evening. It's indeed an 11/73 as the
module # is M8192-YB. Thanks to the "Field Guide to Q-bus and Unibus
Modules" found at sunsite.unc.edu I found this mentioned. I had just found
that FG _at_ sunsite:)

That field guide is *really* handy! However, no maintenance has been done
on it since 1995 it seems. I have five M-numbers to add that I found in the
11/34A which are not on the list. They are for the five-board set
designated as "RK611". This RK611 is the controller set for the RK07 drives
which were hung onto the machine. The #'s are M7900 thru M7904, inclusive.

Any of you know if either this guide is just stagnant or is there a fully
maintained, up-to-date version anywhere?

The 11/23 chassis I have is the small 5" high chassis which has the plastic
bezel and several switches on the front panel which says it's an 11/23. I
did not have time to pick it up and find the BA# yet. I'll inventory the
other boards in it tonite if I am allowed into the garage;)

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