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From: Christian Fandt <cfandt_at_servtech.com>
Date: Wed Jul 8 15:54:23 1998

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>> Hi folks,
>> Still busy rummaging through the truckload of PDPs and VAXen and
>> peripherals and manuals, etc.
>> I'm looking for any info sources to learn more about a VAX 11/730. FAQs are
>I've got one, but I've not done much with it, due to lack of technical
>info, like a printset. And it's something of a big job to figure it all
>out on my own...

Yeah, anybody out there got any printsets, operating manuals or *anything*
for our 730s?

Meanwhile, virtually *no* other additional info has turned up either in my
searches or results of my query to the list of yesterday.

>> I know I have probably found a good home for the 11/750 but I am
>> considering keeping the 730. First I need to do a heap of studying to check
>> the completeness of the box and to more fully understand what peripherals
>Now, this is digging into the depths of my memory, so I'm probably going
>to get something wrong, but IIRC...
>The box has a cardage on the left. On the right there's a PSU on top, and
>a TU58 (strange layout, but otherwise a stock TU58) underneath. One tape
>drive is on the front, the other (used for the system microcode) is on
>the right side of the chassis.

On this particular model of 11/730, both TU58's are side-by-side on the
front. We can compare serial numbers which may, if the numbers make any
chronological sense, tell us which style was earlier (I suspect the
side-by-side was later.)

>There are 12 slots. At the top is the Integrated Disk controller (uses
>the CPU logic for much of the functionality). It'll control an R80 (Much
>modified SMD interface!), and RL drives. The next slot is for an optional
>floating point board, and may be empty. The next 3 slots are the CPU
>logic - don't ask me to remember what goes where!. The next 4 (?) slots
>are for memory boards, and maybe unibus devices as well. The remaining
>slots are Unibus slots. As standard a DMF32 (serial and parallel port)
>card should be in one of them. It's not required, but VMS probably
>expects it.

I'll try to get time to inventory the cards in the crate tonite and pass
the list of M-numbers on to the list. By comparing what-is-where, maybe we
can see if my box is somewhat complete. Input is very welcome from the
others on the list. IIRC, with just a brief look inside, most of the slots
were occupied. Three or four were empty I think.

I'm hopeful the field guide I mentioned in the PDP thread has all these
modules listed. Also, I'm hopeful the machine is complete although I know
the Ethernet controller has been swiped as the ribbon cable from the
connector panel in back is just hanging loose in the crate.

>> and accessories I that should keep (which are already setting in the
>> garage) or to search for.
>IF you don't have an R80, keep at least one RL drive, and some other
>Unibus drive subsystem...

RL01's and -02's, RK07's and a single RA60 are the only drives I have
available. Both RA81's are spoken for I think. The RL01's and RL02's are
not practical from a capacity standpoint to run VMS on the 730 I feel
(*especially* the 5 MB RL01's!)

You mention an R80 drive above. Do you actually mean RA80?

Thanks agian for your valuable input!

Regards, Chris
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