Amiga Software.

From: Zane H. Healy <>
Date: Wed Jul 8 20:11:12 1998

> I ran across a box of 300 disks that were used on a classroom of Amigas
>(for an art school.) there's alot of unlabeled stuff, but also cryptic
>things like "TV/Text" etc. also, 4 disks that are as follows:
>Amiga Workbench v1.2
>Amiga Kickstart v1.1
>Amiga Extras / Amiga BasiC v1.2
>Amiga Kickstart v1.2
>can someone give me an idea as to what these are? especially the TV/text
>program. if anyone is interested, i could create disk images of these and
>dump them someplace on the web.

The Amiga disks you list above would be for the Amiga 1000, though the
Workbench and Extra's copies can probably be used for the A500 or A2000 if
they are running with 1.2 Kickstart ROMs. No idea on TV/Text, but it's
probably software for use with a Genlock (a hardware device that let's you
layer text over a video signal). There is a lot of software out there for
the Amiga, the Aminet archive is currently up to 25 CD's with all different
material on each CD.

As for creating disk images and putting them on the net, I would advise
against it, Amiga Inc. is actively looking for people doing just that, and
prosecuting them. For people that need disk images for use in an Emulator,
you can buy a legal product called "Amiga Forever" that includes legal
copies of the ROMs and Workbench.
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