Oh, boy. What a haul!

From: Richard A. Cini, Jr. <rcini_at_email.msn.com>
Date: Fri Jul 10 12:20:51 1998

Hello, all:

    I made another trip to Temple University yesterday to rummage through
their storehouse of old computers and documentation. I hate to post a list,
but I don't have a working web site yet, and I want everyone to know what I
have in case someone needs something.

    Here it goes...

1. Mac Portable (no HD, bad batteries)
2. Many Unibus and Q-Bus boards
3. Odd DEC single-board computer. 10" x 7" labeled DEC 54-16489, Has two
84-pin PLCC chips
        with the LSI LIA 0433 and 0434 marks. Has a DB25, DB15, and DB9.
Recognizable chips
        include 8051, FD1796, CDP 6402 (RCA), and D7201C (NEC) Can anyone
identify this?
4. Three Motorola 68K educational computers. Has 32k RAM, 68K, 6850,
14411 chips and a
        proto area. Also has two EPROMs. Any guess?
5. Three KIM-1s!! (There are one or two more left, too). Two are
MOS-labeled, one is *brand new* from
        Conversational Voice Terminal Corp. of Chicago. Need data on this
one. The MOS-labeled ones
        have 1976-dated ceramic chips.
6. A S-100 backplane from Forethought Products. Has 8 slots, some glue
and regulator chips.
7. Lots of documentation. A sampling...
        -- Intel: MCS80/85 User Guide (1983), Memory Handbook (83), Embedded
Controller Book (88), Component Data Book (80; looks to be full-line), OEM
Boards (87), 8080/85 Assembly Language Programming Manual, Applications
Note --implementing a floppy system (1981).
        -- DEC: Logic handbook (77), Microcomputer Microprocessors (78)
        -- Motorola: MC68020 User Man., MEK6800 Guide, 6809 Assembly
Language, 6800 Pgmr. Ref. Manual.
        -- Full documentation set for the Rockwell AIM-65 computer (user
guide, BASIC language, Programmers Manual, Hardware Manual, Monitor Program
        -- Textbooks on microprocessors by Tocci & Laskowski, and Camp, Smay
& Triska
8. Old magazines. The guy who ran the CS department before the guy I know
saved everything. Byte's going back to 1978 (too many to get this trip),
Datamation, others that I never heard of. But, the jewel is that I came
*this* close to getting the Altair issue of Popular Electronics.
Unfortulately, this guy only had as far back as 1/76. Articles include:
Cosmal Elf construction articles, SOL construction, build a Scientific
Calculator, music with the 8080, TV Typewriter, SpeechLab, Computer Club
listings, a personal microwave communications system, various
Classic-relevant product reviews and buyer's guides.
9. DEC paper tapes: PDP-11 power fail, LPS11 tests, General Test Program,
RK05 dynamic test, RK11 utilities, exerciser, static tests.
10. Complete print sets for the following: PDP 11/34A (two copies,
complete), FP11, H960 cabinet, KSI-11, DLV-11, DL-11, H9720, ET-LSI-11,
LSI-11 power supply, MS11, PC11, LPS11, MR11, M873, KD11F, RK05 (regular, F,
and J).

    My plan is to scan the articles, and have an on-line database hanging
off of a web site. I also want to implement a bar code system for my
goodies. That'll take a while, though.

    Anyway, thanks for the bandwidth.

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