Could RK611 control RL01/02 disks??

From: Christian Fandt <>
Date: Fri Jul 10 13:37:51 1998

In looking at the RK07 and RL01/02 drives that I have from the Great Haul,
the connectors and cables look rather similar.

In the 11/34A I am keeping, there is a five-board set which is the RK611
controller. The previous owner had RK07's hung off this controller. I want
to use at least one RL02 in the system as most of the disk packs with the
important s/w are RL01/02. Anybody know if the RLs will work off the RK611
controller? (This is one of those dumb newbie questions!)

If it won't work, anybody have a spare RL11 controller module (M7762)
they'll let go? There's a heap of RL's (7) in the stuff I got but the only
machine in the whole pile that has an RL11 is the 11/24 which is not going
to be kept by me.

What would the cable run limits be on either the RL11 or RK611 systems?

As someone had told me a bit earlier about SDI systems, only ODD number of
cables must be used. Any such limitation here?

Thanks for your input!
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