Wang Thang

From: Doug Spence <>
Date: Fri Jul 10 05:44:27 1998

On Fri, 3 Jul 1998, Tony Duell wrote:

> > I don't have any kind of parts catalogue, but someone here might. Some
> Yep, in my brain...

How wonderful it must be, to have a brain. ;)


> > P8253-5 (24-pin); Intel P8259A (28-pin); Intel D8288 (20-pin); two times
> 8253 is a counter/timer, probably used for a heartbeat or a real time clock
> 8288 = 8086/8088 bus controller IC. I'm suprised there's not an 8284
> clock chip near it as well.

Nope, no 8284 that I could locate, but chip size would affect my ability
to easily spot it. I more careful inspection of the motherboard has
revealed a few smaller chips that don't have "74" on thier labels. :)

There's a 16-pin chip with "CD4050AE/RCA 227" stamped on it. There are
also six chips that sit on their sides, with 10 pins, marked
"MSP10C01-472G/DALE", and a few other minor parts.

> > HN482732AG-30 (EPROM, 24-pin, in 28-pin socket); D3-6402-9 (40-pin);
> 2732 = 4K*8 EPROM. Sounds like 4K words of BIOS
> 6402 _may_ be the standard 6402 UART chip. That's got 40 pins.

Cool! The 6402 is located closer to the parallel port than the serial
port, though.

> > AM8255APC/P8255A (40-pin); SCN2661C/C1N28E/CP28028 (28-pin). The rest is
> 8255 = 24 line parallel I/O chip.

It lives directly between the parallel port and the 6402, so parallel I/O
it must indeed be.

> A dogsbody sort of I/O chip. The IBM PC
> uses one for the DIP switches, keyboard, sound control, etc...

There's a set of four switches right next to the 8255, and the keyboard
connector isn't too far away.

> 2661 is a fancy-ish serial chip. I'll have to grab the data book to find
> out more ...

It lives beside the serial port.

> > The board with the funny cable connectors is labeled "LOCAL COMM D.L. BD"
> > and "9245 - R0M0". The only interesting IC is a 40-pin chip labeled "WANG
> > 2001/377-0508/IMP 03 8402BCA". The rest is TTL.
> Some sort of ASIC for that strange Wang interface?

It appears to be true.

<more snippage>

> > are five 28-pin chips from Toshiba labeled "TC5565PC-15". There is also a
> RAM, I think. Possibly video RAM.

Cool! So the vide must indeed be on the emulator board. Which makes me
wonder what the Wang is able to do without one of those boards. The IBM
Mono Emulator board looks to have been manufactured about a year and a
half later than the motherboard.

I never did get around to hooking something up to the machine's serial
port last week. Other things came up and sucked away the time.

> > 40-pin chip labeled "HD46505SP/HD6845SP". The rest is TTL.
> 6845 CRT controller (basically the timing chain for the video section).
> Is there another 24 pin chip (EPROM or ROM) on this board as a character
> generator? I would have expected one. Unless one of the 5565s is used for
> that and loaded from disk or something.

No 24 pin chips at all. So does the Wang have redefinable characters?
Maybe I can port some VIC-20 games to it. :)

> -tony

Doug Spence
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