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From: John R. Keys Jr. <>
Date: Fri Jul 10 21:39:35 1998

Well things are getting harder to find and I have been spending too much
time and money on ebay. The following is ashort list as the number of
books, manuals, hats, and other computer related items is too large to list
it all here.
1) Mac Color Classic not 10 years yet but a must have for my collection of
Mac's (I'm going for 103 different models '84 to '94)
2) New unopened Sun Interactive UNIX software from Half price books 24.95
3) TRS80 4/4P manual set
4) Atari Portfolio complete with case, 128k module, two sofeware packages,
serial cable and unit, manuals, and product sheets. It works great.
5) Newton fax modem
6) Sharp PC-7000 lunchbox style computer
7) Victor VPC11 model 2601-1
8) Eagle PC model PC-2
9) Cordata model PC-400-25
10) Covalent 2086 CPU Shop System a full tower unit not tested yet
11) Some Atari 400/800 cassette software all new in boxes from .60 to 1.60
12) Several boxes of new software for the Apple IIgs
13) Atari SC1224 monitor .80
14) Atari FD drives models SF354 (single) and SF314 (double)
15) Apple IIc power supply not tested
16) Several Atari power supplies
17) Ashton-tate Step IV Ward software and manual
18) HP 9133H
19) HP 9122 model D
20) Perkin-Elmer 7700 Professional computer and KB no monitor
21) HP 9130A
22) HP 2671G printer
23) Lexas Turbo 2400 mini modem
24) 8-Mac Plus KB's will be trading some of these
25) 6-Mac 128k KB'S
26) 10-2600 cartridges
27) TI Terminal Emulator II module
That's all for now will list some of the other items later. Keep computing
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