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From: Joe <>
Date: Sat Jul 11 09:28:55 1998

Wow, 1800 sq feet of warehouse and four more units! I'm glad John isn't in
this part of the country! I'd never find anything!


At 08:57 AM 7/11/98 -0500, you wrote:
>I do leave some things on purpose and sometimes by mistake (thinking I will
>come back the next day or weekend to get it, GONE). Now since I've got the
>1800 sq ft warehouse space down in Texas, I hope pull all the items from
>public storage and other places together to start selling and trading the
>dup's that I have. Right now my wife and I figure it will take me three
>months to sort it all out and that after moving 4 units of stuff from here
>in MN to Texas to go with the four units I emptied there back May.
>Bottom line is you will get chance to get some items after all. John
>At 07:45 AM 7/11/98 -0500, you wrote:
>>>> Well things are getting harder to find and I have been spending too much
>>>Well, no kidding, John! You've bought everything up! :)
>>Yep everytime I come back empty handed from a flea market or big sale I
>>blame it on you:)
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