Mac Portable questions

From: Max Eskin <>
Date: Sat Jul 11 13:02:36 1998

I have the feeling this is the early version, because mine is the later
backlit one, which has no dip switches. The sad mac code could very
easily be due to a power problem. It will sadmac if there isn't enough
power. Note that running off the portable AC adapter is _not_ enough.
You need an additional .5 amps, whereever you get it.
>Hello, all:
> Well, I began to clean up the spoils of my recent recovery mission,
>I'm having problems with the Mac Portable that I got.
> Besides the hard drive and batteries being shot and the screen
having a
>small defect in it, I keep getting a Sad Mac code. It's code 0000000F
with a
>sub code of 00007FFF. I can't find a reference to the $0F code in any
>Mac code listings that I have (they skip over it, going from $0E to
$10). I
>get the code after inserting a known-working diskette. I've tried 400k
>and 800k disks with the same results. I haven't tried a 1.44m disk yet,
>since I don't have a recent Mac to create one. I've tried a 1.44m disk
>created by HVFExplorer, but I get the "bad disk" message.
> Also, there's a 4-position DIP switch on the mobo. What's this for?
>ideas on the Sad Mac code?
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