can I use any 68040 chip in a mac ?

From: Zane H. Healy <>
Date: Sat Jul 11 18:40:34 1998

>I can's speak for the Mac, but I did upgrade the 68EC030 (no MMU) to
>a full 68030 on my Amiga 4000/030. It has a daughter card with the CPU
>and FPU that snaps into a so-called "Fast" slot. I removed the old chip
>(QFP) and soldered on the new one. I do not receommend it unless you have
>extensive SMT experience. It does, however, work.

That's big time gutsy, normally taking a soldering iron to a computer
doesn't bother me, but the though of messing up an Amiga accidentally does!
I still haven't worked up the nerve to do the INT2 upgrade on my A3000 (in
part because I've not come up with the cash for an Accelerator, in part
because it's such a pain to work on).

BTW the 68040 daughter cards (3640 IIRC) are dirt cheap now, you can find
Rev. 3.2 for $200 or less, and earlier revisions are even cheaper. The
down side to the Commodore 68040 board is it doesn't have any additional
RAM slots on the card.

>The reason I can't say whether it will work for a Mac is that Apple is
>picky. The Toolbox ROMs *might* expect certain things from certain models
>of CPU, and freak out if the wrong processor is installed. I just don't
>know enough about Mac firmware to say. The hardware, OTOH, will be fine.

This is part of the problem. In fact I believe this is why when using a
Macintosh Emulator on an Amiga you can use some ROMs but not others.



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