Curious card - IBM

From: John Higginbotham <>
Date: Sat Jul 11 23:28:21 1998

Speaking of curious cards: I just picked up 5 stripped down Dell 433p
machines. Nothing in them except motherboard, 486-dx33 processor, and riser
card. BUT... In two or three I found the following card. I didn't look hard
enough at the numbers, but I can pretty much describe it:

The card has one dsub shell, 9-pin on the back, there's a machined aluminum
chip on the card, marked IBM, and there's an ODD and EVEN ROM set. My first
guess was mono graphics cards (VGA is built-in to MB) but I got to
thinking: Did IBM ever make a network card with this type of connector on
it? All I know is twisted pair, coax, and have seen token ring stuff before
but not worked with it. What does it sound like to you guys?

(Slightly off-topic, by 3 years.)

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