LCD repair

From: Shawn Rutledge <>
Date: Sat Jul 11 23:58:38 1998

> OK, hardware gurus, how about some remote diagnostic help: PowerBook 160
> (my first and only Mac), a bunch of black vertical lines of varying width
> on the LCD (different patterns on the two panels that make up the
> display), but otherwise the display looks good (all the bits in the right
> place).
> Video RAM? LCD controller? Cable problem on the laptop side? Cable
> problem on the LCD side? Bad LCD? Repair FAQ?

I think since LCD's have conductive traces on the glass, that to drive
a column of pixels with the AC voltage necessary would involve bonding
a flexible-circuit ribbon to the conductive traces along the edges.
I would think that is the most likely culprit (maybe it got un-bonded),
and probably next to impossible to repair (due to being microscopic traces,
and lack of the right conductive adhesives, and general messiness).
Then again, I have seen small LCD's that used a rubber sandwich (alternating
thin layers of conductive rubber and non-conductive, stacked up to make
a strip as wide as the LCD) to connect PC board traces with the transparent
conductive stuff on the glass, so in that case maybe it'd just be a matter
of cleaning and tightening.... If you try to fix it, you should probably
be prepared to buy a new LCD JIC that becomes necessary. (Disclaimer:
seldom have I ever tried to repair a LCD, never a laptop LCD, and never
have I succeeded... I'm just guessing...)

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