Curious card - MicrComm

From: John Rollins <>
Date: Sun Jul 12 02:31:37 1998

It's a Token Ring card. The 252-1C TR marking and the TMS380C16 chip give
it away. The 380C16 is a Token Ring processor chip. The Silicom 5000 sounds
like some sort of filter. The 62256 are RAM chips.

>It's got a 9 pin d-sub on the spine plate like a cga or token ring card and a
>label next to it that says 252-1C TR. On the board (upper right) it has a big
>block component like 2.5" x 2.5" roughly that says Silcom 5000 series. to the
>left of that it has a TI chip that looks like an oversized 386SX in a mount
>(like the 387 coprosser gets pushed into) that's numbered TMP380C16PQL. On
>the top edge, about middle it has a dip switch bank of 1-8 and next to that it
>has a reset type push switch. Of course the M68000P12F processor is on the
>lower left and it also has 2 female headers on the back with plastic spacers
>to acccept add on board or boards. There are two Mosell MS62256L-10PC chips on
>it too. There are other smaller DIP chips and a Motorola MC68901P on the board
>as well.

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