Rare vs. Desirable

From: Phil Guerney <guerney_at_uq.net.au>
Date: Sun Jul 12 08:45:18 1998

>What is it with Apple and clear plastic cases anyways? I think I remember
>clear plastic Apple ]['s at dealers. Did Apple do this for all of their

I have an Apple ][ disk drive in a clear (orange) plastic case in front of
me right now. The plastic itself just wraps around the top and two sides,
with the back and bottom being grey plastic. It is a standard size
isk ][ drive, badged on the back Apple Computer Ltd, Holly Hill Industrial
Estate, Cork, Ireland just like the two other regular Disk ][ drives I have.
But the plastic itself has no markings on it, so it MAY have been put on by
an earlier owner.

Phil Guerney - Brisbane, Australia.
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