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The earliest version of Microsoft Windows was 1.0, which had a certain
resemblance to the DOS Shell. There were very few programs for Windows
1.0 and 2.0, and programs written under Windows 3.1 won't run on earlier
version, neither will Windows 3.1 run older software. 3.0 can run 2.0
programs. Microsoft bought QDOS (Quick & Dirty Operating System) in Beta
form from Seattle Computer, Ltd. the night before they had to give IBM
an operating system for the upcoming PC, for $50,000. The first DOS was
1.0, which had no support for hard disks as its greatest flaw. 2.0 had
hard drive support. In general, most modern programs require DOS 3.1 or
higher due to some functions DOS provides. I'm not too familiar with all
of the exact revision history. Is there a page anywhere with this info?

> Hi
> I was talking to a few friends and we wore wondering what the
>versions of micro soft's dos and windows was.
> The earlies version of windows I have herd of is windows 2.0, I also
>there was a windows whith out a version number.
>The earlies version of dos I herd about was dos1.1 or some thing like
>it has been a while so I'am a byt fogggy on it.
> I am currious about the software because I wonder how well or pore
>worked whith speech.
> Pete
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