M9312 Boot ROMS

From: Christian Fandt <cfandt_at_servtech.com>
Date: Mon Jul 13 14:11:57 1998

I have been taking inventory of the boot ROMS on the M9312 modules in
several of the PDP-11's in the great haul. In the pile of documents there
is an older manual for the 9312 (1978 copyright, purple/maroon cover.)
Fine. I was able to determine what's what re this subject and their
respective boot devices (RL01, RK07, etc.)

However, I need help identifying this one found in my 11/34A: 767A9. Need
the charts/boot device type for this one which show the same type data as I
see in my older 9312 manual.

Also, in the 11/24 I found a different E20 ROM (the console/diagnostic
ROM). Its number is 774F1. The number found on all the other 9312 E20 ROMS
is 248F1.

Now, is this 774F1 specific to the 11/24 only? Or, is it specific to any
Unibus -11/xx which has no programmers console attached to the front of the
machine (the /24 just has a few switches on the front panel)?

The 11/34A I'm keeping and the other two 11/34x BA11's either have, or have
evidence of once having, a programmer's console attached which could be a
hint that the 248F1 is simply the E20 ROM just for 11/34x machines w/prgmrs

Thanks for helping me sort out this detail.

BTW, that URL Kees Stravers posted here per my query has the most VAX
11/730 info I have found yet. It has some great info to help me get going
on my uVAX II which also came to me in that haul. Again:
http://vaxarchive.ml.org . Thanks Kees. I'm still looking for more 11/730
info everybody (so is Kees).

Thanks for the help.
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