Help ID Emulex quad module

From: J. Buck Caldwell <>
Date: Mon Jul 13 14:25:59 1998

Christian Fandt wrote:

> In the MicroPDP-11/73 that I got in the great haul there's an Emulex quad
> board which I want to identify.
> An identifying number on it is C3987-C. Two 50-pin headers are on the edge
> pointing to the back. No cables attached. Stuff obviously has been swiped
> from this system.
> >From what I see at the Emulex website Emulex is only involved w/networking
> stuff. There was no C3987 mentioned anywhere.

That very well could be a SCSI controller. Emulex is only into networking NOW, as they got sued
several years ago by DEC for patent infrigment (lost my job because of that suit). They used to do
SCSI controllers, network, communication, terminal servers, you name it. It could be a 50-port
serial card. Unfortunately, I don't have a list of Emulex parts anymore.

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