Help ID Emulex quad module

From: Jeff Kaneko <>
Date: Mon Jul 13 16:45:03 1998

At 02:25 PM 7/13/98 -0500, you wrote:
>Christian Fandt wrote:
>> In the MicroPDP-11/73 that I got in the great haul there's an Emulex quad
>> board which I want to identify.
>> An identifying number on it is C3987-C. Two 50-pin headers are on the edge
>> pointing to the back. No cables attached. Stuff obviously has been swiped
>> from this system.
>> >From what I see at the Emulex website Emulex is only involved w/networking
>> stuff. There was no C3987 mentioned anywhere.
>That very well could be a SCSI controller. Emulex is only into networking
NOW, as they got sued
>several years ago by DEC for patent infrigment (lost my job because of
that suit). They used to do
>SCSI controllers, network, communication, terminal servers, you name it.
It could be a 50-port
>serial card. Unfortunately, I don't have a list of Emulex parts anymore.

Serves 'em $#%%^_at_& right. Emulex's support was (is) of the most suckful sort.
I would never recommend any of their products to anybody (forget about getting
any kind of support or end-of-life info from these #&_at_*^$* people).

They used to make decent PeeCee video boards.

Ohhhh, damn-- don't get me started . . . .

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