How many computers?

From: Max Eskin <>
Date: Mon Jul 13 19:49:28 1998

Well, I think that the default lack of floppy drive was a mistake, as
was the lack of RAM. I'm not sure what year it is, but I believe 640K
was standard by then. Also, I have the Getting Started manual for the
PCjr. It's supposed to be a technical reference with specs, and details
on how to prepare it for shipping (like in the IBM PC manual of the same
name), but instead it has childish junk on how to use cursor keys (it
has a little cartridge game called the keyboard adventure, with a little
guy that can move around). Techinicians reeely don't like that.

>Apart from the IR keyboard, which was a mistake ;-), it's basically a
>without the DMA chip, but with better-than-CGA graphics. What's wrong
>with it?
>In some ways the lack of a DMA chip is a good thing. There are the
>signals on the expansion bus to add one, with the result that an
>expansion module can take over the bus. The PC bus doesn't allow that.

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