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From: Russ Blakeman <>
Date: Mon Jul 13 20:36:29 1998

I've posted this before but the list occupants change so I'll see if I
can find a home again for it. Everytime I go to rework it to a CGA/EGA
cable I think that there's someone out there with a crap mono monitor on
a PCjr that would love to have an original PCJr Color Display. It's in
great shape and I don't have a Jr and haven't messed with one since
college a thousand years ago.

If anyone might be interested in negociating a fair trade of cash or PC
items that I can use in other machines drop me a note. PC Enterprises is
one of the few sources that still has "refurbished" PCJr Color Displays
and they want an outrageous $189 or so for one. I'd like to slap anyone
that would pay that in this stage of the Jr's...

Contact me direct if interested.

BTW....If anyone may be intertested in the Visual 102 with keyboard for
FREE (you pay the shipping) it's now LAST CALL before I strip the
goodies out of it and send it to computer and terminal heaven. Contact
me soon.

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