LCD repair

From: Russ Blakeman <>
Date: Tue Jul 14 06:52:01 1998

We all might as well dabble in LCD repair and technology since it seems the
next generation of monitors are flat screen without a CRT made up of LCD
panels, and will be classics someday soon.

Poesie wrote:

> Well, the computer repair company I worked for used to do alot of LCD and
> laptop repair. Alot of times the lines are either easy to fix problems w/
> cables and little wire connectors, and other times they are just on their
> way out ( i repaired servers and desktops so I never got to dabble :/ ) in
> any case, a good place that does *VERY* reasonable LCD and laptop repair is
> Matrix International, which i believe is, or... I've
> forgotten the phone #, but they are in Austin TX. they used to do flat rate
> LCD repair for us for 125 a system.
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> From: Doug Yowza <>
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> Date: Saturday, July 11, 1998 10:39 PM
> Subject: LCD repair
> >OK, hardware gurus, how about some remote diagnostic help: PowerBook 160
> >(my first and only Mac), a bunch of black vertical lines of varying width
> >on the LCD (different patterns on the two panels that make up the
> >display), but otherwise the display looks good (all the bits in the right
> >place).
> >
> >Video RAM? LCD controller? Cable problem on the laptop side? Cable
> >problem on the LCD side? Bad LCD? Repair FAQ?
> >
> >I have a volt meter, a logic probe, a fear of high current, but I enjoy
> >the occassional high voltage zap. What's my next move?
> >
> >-- Doug
> >

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