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Date: Tue Jul 14 09:10:43 1998

Russ Blakeman:
> blindpete_at_stratos.net wrote:
>> I was talking to a few friends and we wore wondering what the earliest
>> versions of micro soft's dos and windows was.
>> The earlies version of windows I have herd of is windows 2.0, I also think
>> there was a windows whith out a version number.
>> The earlies version of dos I herd about was dos1.1 or some thing like that,
>> it has been a while so I'am a byt fogggy on it.
>> I am currious about the software because I wonder how well or pore it
>> worked whith speech.

> Dos 1.25 is the earliest version for general distributuion, previous versions
> were too buggy, same as DOS 2.0, the 2.11 was the distribution standard when
> double sided drives came out.

Nop. There have been at least 2 major public releases
other than 1.25. 1.0 and 1.1. 1.0 was the first public
release for the IBM PC and 1.1 added new disk types.
1.1 and 1.25 are almost identical - 1.1 was the IBM
version, 1.25 the OEM version.

If you're searching old versions (maybe prior to 1.25)
you should look for things like Z-DOS (Zenith), 86-DOS
(back licensed MS-DOS to Seatle Computer products),
SB-86 (Lifeboat Associates) or COMPAQ-DOS (guess who :).
Maybe a bunch of other names I don't recall right
now, since MS licenced it to any 8088/8086 computer
manufacturer available.

DOS 1.x was still machine dependant, since the BIOS had
to met the hardware. DOS 2.0 and up added new disk types
and loadabel device driver.

With 2.0 Microsoft tried to establish their own trademark
MS-DOS as OS and scraped all OEM licences or at least tried
to cut of the different names. After 2.0 only IBM kept the
private name of PC DOS.


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