How many computers?

From: Marty <>
Date: Tue Jul 14 11:38:21 1998

 Yes the RJ-11 jack is to hard wire the keyboard. My PC Jr works
 wireless okay up to four or five feet then gets flakey. Batteries
 don't last long in mine either although it's been a long time since
 I've played with it.

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Date: 7/14/98 11:45 AM

 On Tue, 14 Jul 1998, Tony Duell wrote:
> Remmeber it was supposed to be a _home_ computer. At the time very few
> home computers came with floppy drives.
> BTW, how common are PC-jr machines without floppies? Were most of them
> upgraded?
 Dunno, mine's got an IBM 360k drive in it. My biggest complaints about are
 the 'sidecar' expansion (the second all-time-lamest computer innovation)
 and the fact that all backpanel ports are.. BERG headers (the first
 all-time-lamest computer innovation).
 What's up with the tiny card-edge connectors inside on the motherboard?
 I also noticed my keyboard (which is a joke) has an RJ-11 jack off to the
 side, and that there's a 2x3 BERG header at the back labelled 'K'. Could
 this be for a keyboard cable, heaven forbid?
 Also, keyboard battery life is uniformly poor. It seems like I get about
 20 minutes. Is this normal?
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