How many computers?

From: R. Stricklin <>
Date: Tue Jul 14 16:57:46 1998

On Tue, 14 Jul 1998, Tony Duell wrote:

> Why? Since (in theory at least) a sidecar could buffer the bus, it's
> possible to add as many devices as you want on the side. Better than the
> limited number of slots in most PCs.

It just seems thoughtless. As far as the 'limited' number of slots in most
PCs go ... well, I won't go there. I'll start ranting.

I will say this, though: At this point in the evolution of computers, if
you find users of your systems are wanting regularly to add on more than
three (or so) cards or sidecar modules, you have drastically misevaluated
your target market and deserve to start haemorrhaging market share. IMO.

> Firstly they're not (the audio and video outputs are RCA sockets) :-)

Those don't count. (: Even the monitor and power supply hookups are BERG
strips. Sick.

> Yes, you can use a keyboard cable. Plugging it in disables the IR bits,
> connects the keyboard electronics to the +5V line (so you don't need
> batteries in the keyboard) and links up the data line. I've probably got
> the wirelist if you want to make one.

Yes, I think that'd be quite useful. If you find it, I'd like the
wirelist. Thanks.

[battery life]

Eh, probably more due to me not drying the membranes completely after I
cleaned the keyboard.

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