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From: Megan <>
Date: Tue Jul 14 19:43:49 1998

Maybe I'll provide my full list in a later message, but for now, you
can check my 'home_systems' page off my home page...

>> DIGI-COMP 1 (an educational toy from 1963)
>Way cool. I had access to one in high school, to play with, but I never
>owned one. I've written to Edmund Scientific. They get the occasional
>letter inquiring about the DigiComp 1, but so far, not enough interest
>to resurrect the product.

I concur... way cool. I remember when I was in fifth grade or so, my
father ordered one for me. When he received it, he thought it was too
complex and simply put it away. One day I came across it, and before
he came home that night I had assembled it and was working on some of
the programming examples.

I have a set of documentation for it (sent to me by someone a few years
ago) and I would LOVE to get one for my collection...

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