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From: Hans Franke <>
Date: Wed Jul 15 09:10:52 1998

> I'm planning to be in Europe for a week or so in October (a few days each
> in Holland, Belgium, and Germany). I'd like to sneak in a few nerd-stops
> along the way, and I'll make room in my suitcase for a couple of vintage
> portables just in case. Any suggestions for the American nerd tourist in
> Europe?

Hmm, couldn't you be a bit more specific ? A few days in Germany
is like saying 'visiting Alaska and BC and maybe some days on the
West Coast' ... Oh Boy, Germany is more than 700 miles 'high' and
up to 500 'wide' (nowadays:).

Ok, for historic nerds there are at least 3 main places:
- Museum fur Verkehr und Technik in Berlin - here you can find
  (beside a small display) a _complete_ replica of the Zuse Z1
  computer - the first computer - and all mechanical :)
- The Heinz Nixdorf Museum in Paderborn (a small city middle
  of nowhere) - They have a real comprehensive display. The
  single largest in Germany. A lot of small systems from the
  70's - Of course since this museum started out as a company
  nuseum of Nixdorf.
- The Deutsches Museum in Munich - THE science museum - I think
  #1 worldwide - the only thing coming close anyhwere might
  be the Smithonian Collections. A museum about almost anything.
  Also including a small Computer display - some 12,000 sqft.
  They have things like Zuse Z3 replika, Z22, Siemens 2002,
  PERM, IBM 360/20, TR4, Mark 1...realy impressiv. Althrough I
  think the modern part is a bit .. hmm .. lets say more like
  a junk yard - only a PC and a PET hidden in a sidecase and
  other random parts ... :(
- They (the Deutsches Museum) opened a subsidary in Bonn some
  time ago (Kohl wanted to have such things in hs 'capitol'
  city :) - But this museum is nice, and well done, but more
  political/modern historical orientated - only 3 pices are
  special computer orientated: parts of a Z23 computer (afair
  the drum), some boxes of the SUPRENUM Project, and a 1 meg
  chip from VEB Forschungszentrum Mikroelektronik Dresden -
  the last East German high tech product - they almost ruined
  their industry - any research money available and a lot more
  was spend for this development.

Beside these, maybe the RWTH in Aaachen (Aachen university)
could be an interesting place - they have a small display
of big old stuff ...

Aachen, Bonn and Paderborn might be close enough to the
westen border (Begique/Holland). Oh yes, and maybe send
Stefan Walgenbach <> a mail - he is
building the HCM (Home Computer Museum) in Oberhausen,
thats just 60km east of the Dutch border. Maybe he invites
you to see his collection of classic 80's small and home-
computers - he has a big heap of european (English, French
and German) home computers.

Some hints about your planned tour would help.

And if you come to Munich (Deutsches Museum) I would be
glad to show you the museum, the city and bragg with
my collection :)


Ich denke, also bin ich, also gut
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