Help ID Emulex quad module

From: Allison J Parent <>
Date: Wed Jul 15 08:51:35 1998

< >a third-party dual width card with light blue ejector handles with
< >"UDC11" stamped in white letters on one. Don't know where the ribbon
< >cable goes that's connected to it. I'll take the BA11 chassis out and
< >peek inside tonight and report what I find on these questions.

My guess the tape is not tu58 but a DC100/300/600 series tape. There
wasn't a tu58 that mounted to a 5.25hole unless it was a hack. Also
TU58 is easy to recognize as the drives are bare (no electornics) and the
use a board that is roughly 5x10" with serial interface to the host.
Also TU58 was a dual drive system though it could be configured with only

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