Off-topic informational anti-spam anecdotal

From: Hans Franke <>
Date: Wed Jul 15 12:05:54 1998

> I've been hit many times by the same bozos. They almost always use
> unsuspecting sites as spam relays, so I've been notifying these sites and
> trying to shutdown the relays.

> I love the spaminator idea, but isn't your phone bill going to be pretty
> high this month? Also, the way spammers retaliate against retaliators is
> to include your email address as the return address in their forged
> headers, so you get mail-bombed by naive spam haters.

> Lawsuits appear to be the only effective weapon so far.

Thats one thing I realy like about the German laws - spamming
via any kind of personal device is forbidden - no fax-spam,
no telex spam and no e-mail spam. Spaming is considered stealing
your property, since the spammer uses your fax paper and your
power line to print his message, and/or your time to check
and delete spam. And theft is just unlawful :)

After just 4 or 5 court ruleings spamming _IN_ Germany is
almost zero - we just have SPAM from outside the country
like senseless US-Spamm :)


Ich denke, also bin ich, also gut
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