How many computers?

From: Kevan Heydon <>
Date: Wed Jul 15 10:18:52 1998

The list of machines I have is:

 ACT Apricot
 Acorn Atom, BBC Micro, Cambridge Workstation, Electron, System 5
 Amstrad CPC 464, CPC 6128, CPC 664
 Apollo DN3000
 Apple II+, Lisa 2, Mac SE
 Atari 400, 800, 800XL
 Bondwell Model 2
 Cambridge Computer Cambridge Z88
 Camputers Lynx
 Casio PB-100
 Commodore CBM 3032, CBM 8032-SK, CBM 8096, VIC-20, plus/4
 Dragon 32
 EACA Colour Genie, Video Genie EG3003
 Epson HX-20
 Exidy Sorcerer
 HP 85, 9000/217
 IBM PC (5150)
 Jupiter Ace
 Matra Alice, Alice 90
 Mattel Aquarius
 Memotech MTX 512, RS 128
 Nascom 2
 Oric 1, Atmos
 Osborne 1
 Radio Shack Color Computer, TRS-80 Model 1, TRS-80 Model 3
 Research Machines RM Link 480Z
 SMS 1000
 Sage II & IV
 Science Of Cambridge MK 14
 Sharp MZ-711, MZ-80K
 Sinclair QL, Spectrum, Spectrum+, ZX Spectrum +2, ZX Spectrum +2A, ZX
Spectrum +3, ZX80, ZX81
 Sun 4/110
 TI TI-99/4A
 Tatung Einstein
 Thomson M05
 Toshiba HX-10, T1000SE

This list is taken from a database which is getting a little out of date
and some things have never made it into the system, so to add to this list
there are these too:

 Torch Triple X, Torch C Series, Another couple of Thompson M0X machines,
Apple Portable, Dec Rainbow, Sun 2/120, Whitechapel MG1

I also collect calculators, video game consoles, and handheld games but I
won't list them here.

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